Foxit Delivers Enhanced PDF Document Security Solution

Foxit announces the Foxit RMS PDF Protection Tool.  This product is part of the Foxit PDF Security Suite solution for protecting PDF files.  This new product encrypts and protects PDF files with permissions and authorization settings through programmatic interfaces to prevent sensitive information from being printed, edited, and copied by unauthorized users in Microsoft Active Directory® Rights Management Services (AD RMS) environments.

The programmatic interfaces provide both Command Line Interfaces (CLI) for IT administrators to run in scripts or on-demand and C programming interfaces for developers to incorporate into existing applications.  Both the CLI and C programming interface support any file sharing/file repository environment to protect and unprotect files. 

Key features of the RMS Protection Tool for PDF include:

  • Programmatic protection (encrypt) and unprotection (decrypt) of PDF files with specified RMS rights policies.  Shields the details of the implementation, allowing the user to protect and unprotect PDF files programmatically using a few simple interfaces.
  • Batch protection and unprotection of PDF files.  Allows bulk, on-demand, and event-based file protection and unprotection. 
  • Retrieval of official Rights Policy Templates from RMS servers in real-time.
  • Application of dynamic security watermarks.  Dynamic security watermarks automatically display viewer identity information on protected PDF files in case users copy confidential information by using screen shots, cameras, mobile phone cameras, video capture, or other similar methods.
  • Generation of activity log files that keep a history of what files are protected/unprotected and when they were protected/unprotected.
  • Out of box integration with File Categorization Infrastructure (FCI).
  • Consistent design with the Microsoft AD RMS Bulk Protection Tool and AD RMS SDK 2.0, providing a consistent user experience to protect PDF documents in a similar workflow as protecting Microsoft Office® documents.  Applies uniform security and permission settings across documents file formats.

 To learn more about Foxit PDF Security Suite, please visit our product web page and download a free 30-day trial.


Foxit PDF SDK ActiveX 5.0 Now Available

Foxit announces the availability of PDF SDK ActiveX 5.0, a new, major feature release that offers enhancements in PDF rendering technology.

Key new features of the Foxit PDF SDK ActiveX 5.0 include:

  • Multi-Instance Support: Run multiple instances of ActiveX on a single system at the same time, so that applications can provide simultaneous views of multiple pages or display pages from multiple PDF documents at the same time. Also enables batch printing.
  • Digital Signature: Digitally sign PDF documents using third-party digital certificates, while supporting digital signature verification, signature timestamp, signature print control, and more.
  • PDF Document Organization: Create blank pages, insert pages in one PDF from another PDF document, and delete pages in a PDF.
  • Image Conversion: Convert images to PDF or export PDF to images in popular image file formats such as JPEG, BMP, PNG and TIFF.
  • Asynchronous Operations: Simultaneously read and download PDF documents.
  • Additional features:  Additional enhancements in Foxit’s PDF SDK ActiveX 5.0 include:
    • Programmatic access to bookmark information, such as color, action, and destination
    • Ability to reply to annotations
    • Faster and more accurate text processing actions, such as search and extract text
    • Ability for developers to modify default actions for on-click and on-double-click
    • RunJScript interface for JavaScript support

To learn more about Foxit PDF SDK ActiveX 5.0, please visit our product web page and download for a free trial. If you would like to upgrade to Foxit PDF SDK ActiveX 5.0, please contact or call 1-866-680-3668.